Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2000 01:34:44 EST
well, we should actually be docking soon........... don't want to go to bed, just got a last wind. today i took a cab (by myself) to atlantis--- it is just so so beautiful there. i actually walked around and even took some pictures, i had people take them of me, hahaha the casino was exactly the same as two years ago, i didn't see one single new machine!! i went to the ones i played before and they were all in the same spot! shame on them!! anyway, i had a ball. got back SOME of the money i lost this trip, not all, but SOME. didn't even come back to the sip until 4:30. not sure what everyone else did, just shopped and stayed on the ship, i guess. today we in-line skated and i even climbed the wall--- i think i did prety darn good for my age!! adam climbed to the top, of course, like a monkey. all our luggage is still in the hall, we just about made the 12 o'clock deadline.... so i'm signing of now, won't be able to write again, i am sure. i think jenn is making the car arrangements (?) whatever. we haven't thought about going home, yet. we don't get in until l-a-t-e so don't expect to hear from me again! if you call me sunday am, i will have to HURT you!!!
signing off, love you


Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 00:02:09 EST
well, i am beat............ spent the day laying around the pool - up and down, trying to finish up those things we didn't do yet. yes, we even went ice skating -- was very weird to be skating. rick tried the wall, we went to the jackpot bingo $6700 won by some lucky guy. cheered on our new canadian friend's horse and it won, saw the skating show, dinner and then another show, which by the way are wonderful. sets and costumes are magnificient!! got in another fight at the ice show. hahahahahaha. not really. but this lady took anna and adam's seats, said we "weren't allowed to save them", so i told her i didn't read that in the rule book... etc, etc and finally after they lifted the curtain (of the rink) we saw there was a million seats on the other side so we just moved. hahaha. we made friends with a crew member, his name is philip, and he looks JUST LIKE RITCHIE!!! actually, jeff, he is the one we THOUGHT was ritchie. after we found out is wasn't, we didn't tell you because we wanted you to be jealous. he is friends with ritchie and looks and acts just like him, he talks to us all the time!! he said tonight that ritchie just got the cruise director's job on the majesty of the seas, starting in december. we went to the gala buffet, walked around and i only grabbed a piece of watermelon beause i was so thirsty. definately
NOT hungry, had filet mignon AND a filet mignon for dinner and ESCARGOT - yum!!!

tomorrow is nassau, our plans are stil up in the air, but at least i know where i am going--- i'll be atlantis!! think of me. we get there areoun 11 and only stay until 4:40! then we'll have to start packing, i haven't even been thinking about that, it's best to forget about it until i have to...........going to bed now, the ship, she's a-rocking ...........
love you all


Date: Wed, 08 Nov 2000 17:43:13 EST
hi everybody!! we're back from st johns... boy it was worth it, it was so beautiful, definately better than megan's bay. thanks you bogues, for the snorkeling stuff, it was a blast, the fish and water were just like you'd expect and want to see... took a cab to red hook for $5, then a ferry for $3, then another cab for $5, and it cost $4 to get on the beach. i just wanted to write that down, so i can remember and now kathryn, you will know. the sights are so beautiful, there ere other ships in port, also. on the way back at 4:15 (had to board at 4:30) we passed a wendy's. anna and jenn went nuts for "frosty" so they RAN AND RAN all the way back. dave and rick were a little mad (pissed) but i stayed outside the ship with the walkie talkies to talking to them the whole time and told them there were still plenty of people coming and they didn't have to run anymore on the way back. it was fun for them and me, too. we were right outside the window of our cabin so of course rick had to MOON me!!! and yes, other people saw and i video taped it, too. You all might want to start thinking of excuses not to be able to make thanksgiving dinner at eileen's..... we are going to be non-stop about this trip and we alread took a million pictures and lots and lots of videos.......of course i'm not IN them, i was always taking the pictures, upon demand.

saw the not so newly wed game show last night, of ocurse it was hysterical, but starting to get old..... same questions, even. tonight we are going to a time warp game show , then dinner, then a comedian and singer show.... and i swear we are missing half of the stuff going on. probably 3/4!! mostly relaxing, if you can believe that. we all slept on the beach today for a good hour anyway! after the beach, we shopped for awhile, rick actually restrained himself (i think!)i never told you about our room, sell they are almost identical to our inside rooms we had before except the door is between teh bathroom and closet. the bigest difference is that they took out the drawers and put in a fridge.... big deal, it doesn't work, anyway! now i have ABSOLUTELY NO DRAWERS FOR MYSELF. i am working our of my suitcase under the bed--- so i kepp wearing the same thing!!! ha ha. everyone else has two shelves apiece in the closet. the window is huge, really, like the one the bogues had when we piled up the glasses.

timmey, we look for you in the hot tub all the time!! there is a HUGE one in the spa. the biggest one i've ever seen and the jets are unbelievable--- you actually have to hold on or you get pushed across the whole tub!!! we are dissapointed in 6the ladies room. it is real nice and absolutely beautiful but there is an attendant in there ALL THE TIME(know what i mean?)and she leaves her mop right in the way. there is a big steam room and sauna, too.

i guess eillen and mom should be getting to virgina shortly........... hello to natascha, and mel and john, too from us. jenn and dave keep saying they are going to e-mail their MOTHERS, so keep looking. i can hear adam and dave while i am typing this, they are in the library (open to below where i am) and dave is helping adam with his homework, it is so sweet, they have been down thee about an hour already. so, i had a coupon for 15 minutes of free internet time and i must have used it up by now.

wil write again tomorrow during our day at sea. not thinking about the end. oh yea, did i tell you i took a cab in san juan by myself to condado hotel casino??? (i lost, duh) well, it was election day there too and the streets were FILLED with people waving flags and screaming, it was unbelievable!! i started getting nervous when it was getting dark and it was still goin on, so i went back to the ship early. not riotious or anything, just celebrations, but i was afraid something might get out of hand... what wthe he l-l was i doing alone in puerto rico?????
going now
love and miss you all


Date: Wed, 08 Nov 2000 05:46:42 EST
Subject: don't know WHAT the day is.......
but we are pulling into st. thomas...sorry, gonnna be quick, here. it's like 6:40 and i just got my coffee and gotta get everyone up and moving............going to go to st. john's (hopefuly) if i can pull this off.. we need KATHRYN!!!! we never know where and when we are supposed to be. and no one seems to care.. but if we had kathryn, we wouldn't miss so much stuff going on!!! today delimma - we have to fit shopping into the day (rick) so we decided to head to the beach first!!! and i gotta wake them up, can you imagine???

we actually all went to bed early (midnight) last night so it would be easy, but it's not. we missed the toga party (the sheets were scrub green) and another parade. oh, well. we ate so much, we couldn't even move last night anyway. i even skipped desert! puerto rico was, well, puerto rico. it was election day there too, so they didn't serve alcohol and the casinos didn't open until 3 p.m. (whew!) seriously, this is yesterdays, letter, i gotta go... will finish later.

eileen, i hope you are okay?? is today the day you and mommy go to virginia? i can't wait to hear about natascha again...cya

oh, yea, k.p. said he hasn't gotten any letters... can someone drop off a copy for him?


Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2000 23:58:54 EST
i can't even remember where i left off.... was that just yesterday? we spent the day, yes, floting on our mats in labadee....the water was actually murky, but the sun was hot, the water was cool, easy to get into (just not beautifully clear).... floated and floated, just like i was waiting for... it felt so great, but of course we are all sun burned, and really tired now. rick and i were on one of the first tenders out (kids went to eat first -walkie talkies helped them find us) and we were on the last tender back to the ship!!! enjoyed every last minute of it. food was much better than last time, market was the same pushy stuff going on and i layed in the hammock, thinking of julie!!! (remeber that julie?) and when we saw the little trolley, we thought of johnny taking that ride to the food with all the old people.......... i THOUGHT i saw david on a mat, but it wasn't him, too bad
for us..

can't BELIEVE that jeff forgot his tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dinner was excellent, i'm telling you the portions are huge! (just like the ship) i had three desserts!

i went with rick to the cigar club and slept on a couch there for an hour while he smoked his cigar. we spent alot of "quality time" together last night --- needless to say, i really didn't get to go to the casino - well, for a minute - i hit 150 coins and he made me
leave!!! tomorrow i am going to go to el san juan casino BY MYSELF --- i am determined to ditch him!!

the sun wore us out today.

at the show tonight we were in the 2nd row and it was a beatles look alike concert thing, and everyone was up on their feet dancing (they even held up a sign to dance) and the OLD MAN behind me started hitting me and adam and telling us to sit down--- i told him 3 times to stop pushing me and he didn't so i had to go get security!!!! hahahahaha. fun on the high seas. ( when i came back, he got up and left) anywya, show wasn't that great. hahaha fight with a 75 year old man!!!!!

lets see, rick went to the room, anna and jen did too..... last i saw adam and dave they were headed to play soccer (in the wrong direction) looked like they were going to the "CHAMBER" to me!!! (disco) yea, right. looking forward to our next cruise (during jen and dave's honeymoon) but we have got to ALL go next time!!!!!

will write again tomorrow. san juan from like noon - 8:00.

sorry this is so late, cna't explain why, time is going so fast and i want to come here by myself, not have anyone look over my
shoulder and interuping my train of thought - can you believe i even might have one? i never re-read what i write, so i am sure i am rambling! love hearing from you guys, too.

cya soon


Date: Sun, 05 Nov 2000 17:29:56 EST
only reason i know it is sunday is because it says so in the elevator!!!

out to sea all day - nice and hot, but not too hot. rick got up early and saved us seats on our own private deck!!! it was awesome, just 7 chairs on a level above the pool, like a stadium, there are four levels all together.... it was fun. rick won Mr. hairy legs contest....
adam won the 3 point basketball tournement, jen got 12 points more than i in the slot tournament, but neither of us was close to winning!!! that's all we did besides lay, sleep, dance, sit in the sun.......... well, the girls are in the sauna, so is rick. adam and dave are watching the red skins... (oh yea, so is JEFF!!!!! stupid, stupid, stupid. he would have had more fun with us!!! last time i looked, they were down, 10 - 3. hoping tho. first seating dinner is all dressed up formal and drinking champagne (oh, yea, so am i, they didn't care i am still in my bathing suit - i still got free champagne!!

i'll let jen tell you about her hair, it really is nice. haven't really eaten yet today - you know me, can't sit that long, but i did have BREAD PUDDING. and some fruit salad. tomorrow is labadee, we'll save you all a mat!!! and be dreaming of you while we are floating--- speaking of dreaming i had the most REAL dream last night, that when we were poolside today, kath and john with there too. they decided to join us after all. it WAS SO SO REAL!!!!!!!!!!! i keep think you are all here. not sure what time i'll be writing tomorrow, but
i will! hope you're not bored.

love you all


Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2000 23:19:55 EST
dinner was AWESOME, the food is a milllion times better than before, the portions are HUGE!!! we have our own table (YEA) and we just yaked and yaked so much our heads were spinning by the time dinner was over. oh, yea, the windjammer is awesome, too. the buffet sations are wonderful, they even toss your salads for you!!! food there (for lunch) was excellent, we can't wait for breakfast.. i think i already gained back the five pounds i lost!!!

adam is hangin out in the really really cool tean center, anna is alseep already, she went to the parade in the promanede (SP) in her pajamas!! i think rick is probably asleep now too and i'm headed you-know-where!!! we all really miss you.............. all of you,
this is too much fun not to be shared with everyone!! oh yea, i should tell you jen got her hair cut. looks great.

gotta go

will write again tomorrow, i promise --- day at sea. the "compass" is so cunfusing--- there is about 5 times more things to do than before ... hard to figure it all out...........

love you all
Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2000 18:21:17 EST
we ate this morning at the 11 street diner (we wke up at about 6:45, the ship was already here, we were SCREAMING!!! awesome sight) afterbreakfast, we took a carload of luggage (we had 12 bags to check for 6 of us) and made two trips, starting at 11 am. returned car and we boarded at about 11:45. our cabin is LOW and far away, i've used the stairs a million times already!! everything is so new and beautiful--- we toured the sip with you guys in mind and took movies of EVERYTHING as we were seeing it. there are alot of people, but it's quiet is so many spots - i am the only one in here, right now. we miss you guys so much, i can't believe you're not here, it doesn't seem right, at all.

going to meet rick in the hot tub right now, then we have the 7 pm welcome aboard show--- oh, wait i almost forgot to tell you-- they have LITTLE GREEN MEN, LEOPEARD SPOT AND FORTUNE COOKIE in the casino, even jackpot party, instant winner and allmy favorite kinds of machines!!! you know, i'll be there when they open, i may have to excuse myself from dinner........

gonna run now, i pormise to write again later after dinner. maybe REALLY late after dinner..

ken rush and RITCHIE are both here!!! SHOW ME THE MONEY

i need my glasses!!! i'll read you're mail, later, i know you are probably looking for my letters.

love you all, janis


Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2000 18:14:18 EST
i can't believe we are finally writing to you!!! this internet thing hasn't been working and i just stopped by to chek it out and i don't have my glasses.!!!! i can't even bother to read your mail yet, cuz i can't see iT!!! but i WILL be back after dinner.

i don't even know where to start ! this is absolutely unbelievable! i am jumping out of my skin with excitement. this beats out the enchantment and randeau 100 times!!! there is no comparison.

starting with yester, it was sorta of boring--- i was so exhausted all day, we all mostley napped every chance we could -- on the plane and in the car... picked up jen and dave at airport, ate at bayside and all bunked in the same room. you'll be happy to know, they are finally fixing up the joint--- new furniture and carpets, but they haven't done anything with the bathrooms yet... we were on the 7th floor facing the ships!!! YEA, it it was awesome.. anna and adam slept on the floor... haha
enough of that boring day..... before i forget, can you forward this or ask time to send it to dave's mother:
ok, the ship, let me send this, before i loose it.